Global Awakening Tracker

Global Awakening Tracker

Watch the World Wake Up.

The greatest expansion of awareness on the planet is happening NOW. 

We are creating a new story.  The many are leading the many.  Hundreds of millions are creating a global renaissance in their lives and in our world at large.

The real-time charts of our growth into a new paradigm were not available, until now.  If you have felt alone before, there is no need now. 

The world is ready. Share the good news in your social networks and nominate someone we should be tracking.

See the Shift, Feel the Shift, Be the Shift.






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How do we think and act as a big group? Look at our Google search history from the last 16 years, see how we self-organize on Reddit and watch the latest research using random number generators to measure our collective emotions and coherence. Can the Maharishi Effect and coherent mediation states change the physical world?

Google Search Charts  |  Reddit Charts  |  Global Consciousness Project  |  Global Consciousness Dot | Maharishi Effect


Believe it or not, we are in an apathetic moment in terms of our “societal nervous system”. This will be trending upward in the next four years – towards mass conflict or a mass renaissance. Explore how the earth’s magnetic field affects our society, mood, behavior and consciousness. 

Schumann Resonance | Solar Cycle 25 | Live Solar System Map | K-Index | World Pollution Globe

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Humanity’s Dashboard

The Global Awakening Tracker is like watching stock market tickers, only these show we are indeed leveling up to a new way of thinking and flourishing. We are powerful as a group. No better time to visualize our massive numbers and see our exponential growth rising.

Leaders Leading

The list of visionaries we track is truly inspiring. They show us a path toward our true group potential.

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The World Needs You

Turn your heart and mind into a powerful domino to lift us into a global renaissance.  Find out where you fit.

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Global Awakening Tracker