We track, in real time, a paradigm shift toward the global renaissance.

The Galactic Age Alliance is a set of cross disciplinary organizations expanding the frontier of both outer space and inner space (human consciousness).

The Global Awakening Tracker is a tracking system and set of nested resources created to provide a bridge of cross pollination to organizations ready to explore the magnitude of the new frontier.

The platform tracks change makers, and creators helping us cross into a paradigm shift of healing, heart centered living and human connection. Think NASA’s Mission Control, only in addition to space weather we map and visualize the expansion of human consciousness by monitoring the growth of social networks, search terms, Reddit groups and more.

Our core statistics revolve around over 190 groups and influencers who are being charted across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  Day by day, as we watch these graphs evolve, we instill hope, courage and community.


Indeed, our roots are flourishing and we are beginning to move visibly from linear growth to exponential growth.  In fact we already are unstoppable.  Many of you reading this now are part of the hundreds of millions of people we are counting. You are part of this network, searching and experimenting with new ways of being.

Exponential Growth Example: Awakened Reddit (2013-2020)
Linear Growth Example: Data is Beautiful Reddit (2013-2020)


As long as there is a common goal, an understanding of how much time we have left, and a way to track our progress over time — people can see what others are doing and use their genius to come up with creative ways to progressively solve, co-sense, and track our progress. We will elevate our outcomes as we find ourselves, and find each other.

In quantum systems, the highest outcomes are achieved when all of the individual parts have the total picture in mind.  Opening up the control room to humanity is essential if we want to bring our multifaceted and just-in-time collective genius to bear.


One of the most powerful outcomes of the project is that observing an expansion in our potential, and our consciousness may speed the expansion itself.

We are at a network tipping point between fear and love, between retraction and expansion. It may not be easy building a new paradigm, laying the foundation for an elevation in our potential but every step, every template, every gesture, every example will make it easier, lightening the load for all.


We are tracking a new narrative. It is one of purpose, healing, interconnection. We hope you enjoy watching our collective pulse.

Are you a galactic human? Do you see the great opportunity and potential of our future? We call you now to participate along side of us.

Have an idea for something we should be tracking? Want to nominate a new organization or influencer for the list? Step into the collaboration hub and to leverage your genius.