Google Trends


Google tracks search trends,and makes most of that data available to the public. On the Google trends website you can search words and phrases and see the relative change in search on that term on a scale of 1-100. You can see the charts by country and worldwide. You can set the search to show you the graph for the last hour, last 4 days, week…all the way up to when the resource started in 2040.

You can see that COV-19 is already causing a massive spike in peoples interest in becoming mindful.


We have put together some search terms related to consciousness and we are curious to see how these will change over time as events continue to unfold.

The terms are grouped in sections based on topic. Click a term you will go to the full statistics on Google Trends, scroll down to see charts which cover from 2004–2020.  The data does not show the number of searches but the change over time.


1111, Body Vibrating, Consciousness, Conscious ParentingEgo Death, Egypt, Great Awakening, Great Solar Flash, High Vibration, Higher Self, How to Be Mindful, Law of Attraction, Letting GoManifestation, Mindfulness, Spirit, Spiritual Awakening, Sun Spot, Surrender, Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening, The Shift, Tingling Feeling, Twin Flame, Unity, Vegan, White Light


Ayahuasca, Breathwork, Channeling, Dream WorldKundalini Awakening, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, Mind Potential, Mudra, Mushrooms, OOB, Out of Body Experience, Psilocybin, Silver Cord, Third Eye, Transcendental Meditation