Live Solar System

Live Solar System Map

This live map of our solar system and the planetary positions comes from the The Planets Today website. It uses data from the NASA’s JPL website.

How to Read this Chart

The Zodiac display is centered on the Earth and oriented with the tilt of the earth. This display shows in which sign of the zodiac the Sun lies at any time. The sign of the Sun at a persons birth is called that person’s Star Sign.

If you would like to see the planets for a certain date and time, then enter the date and time on The Planets Today home page. The bottom of the home page will also give you information on what day each of the four solstices will appear.

The site has a mobile and a desktop version, which can be chosen at the bottom of the main charts on the home page.

The desktop version has data on planetary positions from 3000 BCE and 3000 CE. The mobile version tracks 30 days forwards or backwards from today.