Maharishi Effect



In 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that one percent of a population practicing the TM (transcendental meditation) technique would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population.

TM is a technique of consciousness and scientists are now seeing consciousness as a field similar to the other fields known in physics, such as electromagnetism and gravity.

This phenomenon was first documented in scientific research in 1976 when it was found that when 1% of a community practiced transcendental meditation, the crime rate was reduced by 16% on average. 


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Fiffty-three research projects conducted in numerous countries around the world over the last forty years show reduced war deaths, reduced terrorism, reduced crime rates, less emergency calls, less suicides and accidents even less alcohol consumption. On the economic side when a particular population achieves the Super Radiance threshold there are more business start-ups, more patent applications, improved stock indexes, lower inflation, higher employment rates, higher economic growth rates and so on. 

2007-2010 TM-Sidhi Study

During 2007-2010 when the size of a group of advanced TM-Sidhi program participants exceeded the threshold predicted to reduce negative trends (√1%), there was a significant shift in the US national homicide rate and urban violent crime. Relative to the baseline period of 2002-2006, the drop in homicide rate was 21.2% (5.3% per year) and 18.5% (4.6% per year) for violent crime. (Source)

Rhode Island Study

Rhode Island Study was done with 300 TM Meditators in 1978. Notice there is a long term effect that lasts for several years afterwards.

Lebanon Peace Project

Results of the recent Lebenon Peace Project which reduced war deaths by 76%. 


Many scientists believe that when we meditate, coherence happens and a field much like electromagnetic radiation, laser, halo or light is produced. 


This is a description of how super radiance in a laser works:

“Normal light is emitted in direct proportion to the number of atoms in the light source. When the atoms in a laser are in perfect coherence with each other, a new type of collective behavior emerges characterized by intense orderliness. The individual atoms cease to act independently and begin to behave as one complete coherent system. As a result, the light emitted by the laser is significantly stronger than normal light. It is through coherence that the individual atoms receive their power. The power of light coherence is tremendous. It is powerful enough to burn through steel or to shine a laser beam on the moon. Scientists have found that the intensity of light emitted by a laser of X atoms is magnified enormously to X². If 100 atoms are perfectly in phase or coherent, they will radiate with the intensity of 100² or 10,000 times that of a single atom. This phenomenon is physics is known as Super Radiance.

Similarly, it is thought that when groups of meditators meditate and experience transcendental being a super radiance effect is generated. This field of super radiance is significantly more powerful than that experienced by an individual meditator. This super radiance quality of transcendental being can be felt by society at large if the number of meditators is large enough.

Consequently, scientists began to do research in this area. The focus of the research was to see if the field effect of consciousness stimulated by a group of meditators could affect the EEG coherence between subjects at a large distance. Indeed, the study showed this to be the case. Many other studies too have followed and confirmed the idea that transcendental being has a halo or super radiance effect. (Source)


A phase transition is simply when a system moves from one state to another state. For example boiling water moves from liquid phase to gas phase at exactly 100 degrees. 

The super radiance phase transition kicks in immediately at the square root of 1% for any given population not before. The coherence process, once started, really is very fast. People who have experienced it say it is almost like turning on a light switch. (Source)


According to Robert Oates in The Maharishi Effect, written in 1985, and Dr. Keith Wallace writing in The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment, the first experimental evidence for this phenomenon arose in 1974. In this study, scientists observed 11 cities in the United States with populations over 10,000 in which 1% of the population was practicing transcendental meditation. They then looked at one major index of the quality of life in these cities, the crime rate, and compared it to the crime rate of 11 other cites matched by population and geographic location. From 1967 to 1972 the crime rate was increasing in all the cities. The cities with over 1% transcendental meditation participation showed a decrease in crime of 8.2% from 1972 to 1973 as compared to the year before. (Source)

Since then many studies have been done, including an ambitious study where the global minimum of Extended Maharishi Effect was assembled at Maharishi University.