Paradigm Shift

Our planet and our consciousness is expanding into something truly unexpected and awe inspiring. We are at a tipping point into something different, something with more potential that we had ever imagined.

The concepts are so different from what we know, and we are only in diapers today, but the new playground of possibilities has been opened.

We can leap together.

Add a paradigm shift to the list below.

One LifeMany LivesOne LifeMany Lives

Old New
Zero Sum Game Multi Win
Newtonian Physics Quantum Physics
Top Down, Hierarchical Self-Managed, Holocratic
Our existence is limited to our physical body. We have an energy biofield that extends beyond our body.
Matter Frequency
Treating the Symptoms Analyzing the Root Cause
Didactic Teaching Experiential Learning, Socratic Teaching, Flipped Classrooms
Only a Few are Educated Widespread Education
Bound by Physical Space  Virtual Presence Possible
5 Senses Extended Human and Psychic Capabilities
We are alone We are one
One size fits all medicine Precision medicine
We are individual We are an observation point of a feedback loop
I We
Beta Brain Waves Theta Brain Waves
Nation/Country Planetary Scope
Siloed Teams Multidisciplinary Teams
 We are in competition  We are interdependent
Competitive Co-Operative
Limited Resource Abundance Resource
Gatekeepers Direct Access
Single Dimension Multi Dimension
Service to Self Service to Self and Others
On the Mat Off the Mat
Symptoms Root causes
One Life Many Lives
Self Centered Collective Centered
Raising Productivity Raising Consciousness
Help Yourself Journey Beyond Yourself
Mind Body Mind Body Spirit
One Life Many Lives
Mindful People Conscious Communities
Randomness Synchronicity