We started the project with a group of dreamers, ready to take the next step in making this shared resource available to the world.

Their action brought visibility and propulsion to what the many are creating on the planet – and you can too. Contact us at hello (at) zenka.org to learn about our sponsorship opportunities and what we are creating next.


Have a more effective dream life.
Dreamosophy is a natural approach that uses inquiry and meaningful action to effect changes in one’s dreams – both the dreams that happen at night and the dreams that each of us has for our waking lives.


Strategy Lab for the Galactic Age
Zenka builds collaboration and creation tools which invite the world to scale and accelerate a golden age.

Quantum World Evolution

Consultancy engaged in uniting and evolving high impact organizations and individuals in expanding global consciousness and connectedness to create Planet 2.0.

Quantum World Evolution (QWE) catalyzes individuals, teams, organizations and communities to co-create Planetary Impact Projects through QWE’s Evolutionary Impact Process. These project teams evolve mindsets, behavior, infrastructure and culture to transform the greatest perils we face as a planet into what’s possible in a thriving world for all 7.7 billion inhabitants (humanity fed, housed, educated, healthy and well ,with purposeful work in smart cities and caring communities) quantumworldevolution.com

Uli Mueller

Quantum World Evolution

The ever accelerating speed of change requires a rethinking of what effective leadership looks like going forward. Coaching is a way of putting yourself on the fast track to learning, expanding your leadership skills and opening up possibilities to deeply expand your life.

A Life Economy

A Podcast About the Future
A Life Economy by Cosmo Scharf explores how we can use the power of our consciousness to create a more beautiful world – the world we want to live in.
A Life Economy

Property Simple

Marketing solutions for real estate agents.
PropertySimple is the new agent-first marketing platform shaking up the real estate industry.

Lynn Carden

Lynn Carden is an author and artist.
Her book, The Women of Robertson Placeis a book which traces the lives of women in a single family throughout eight generations. The book starts in 1796 and leads us through cholera epidemics, the Underground Railroad, the Roaring 20’s and even 911.

Maggie Lane

Interactive Writer Producer
An experienced writer, producer and content development executive for digital interactive and virtual reality content.
Maggie Lane – Linked In

Damián Linossi

Artist and Designer
Linossi is a visual artist and designer based in Buenos Aires. He works in cinematographic postproduction of photography and illustration, Photoshop and Lightroom, Abobe After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve.
Damian Linossi – Linked In

Ariel King

Ariel King is an American actress, model and singer who was born on the 4th of July. Ariel was awarded the Hollywood Discovery Award at the Hollywood Film Awards in 2010 and was crowned Queen of the Universe in 2014.

Christoph Silber

Writer Producer

Christoph Silber is a British-German film producer, screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles. Rated among “Europe’s hottest new screenwriters” by Screen International, he frequently collaborates on projects in the United States.
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