The Community

The Community

Welcome to the community.  We are diverse, and we don’t agree on everything. But there is a common thread – we are all working to usher in a new paradigm shift of human flourishing. This renaissance is a period where we are all are more connected to our curiosity, passion and joy resulting in a kinder world with big potential.

This is who we are currently tracking based on community suggestions and network size of each org or leader.  Add a new organization or thought leader to our trackers.

Current Trackers

Aaron Doughty YT HeartMath Resonance Science Foundation
Abraham Hicks YT | FB | TW High Existence Roohani Online Spiritual Help
Advanced Life Skills FB | TW High Vibe Network Rupert Sheldrake
Adyashanti YT | FB | TW Higher Self Rupert Spira community
Alien Con TW Holochain Russell Brand
AMMA FB David Lynch Foundation Sadhguru
Ancient Aliens TW Rosicrucian Sarah Hall
Andrew Weil YT | FB | TW Humanity’s Team Sayria Jade
Arianna Huffington TW I AM The Film  Self Growth
Ask Angeles YT in5d Shambhala
Astrology Zone FB | TW Inner Dhamma Singularity University
Avalon Cameron YT IONS Institute of Noetic Science
Awaken with JP YT Integrative Nutrition Soul Source Tarot
Awakening People FB Jack Kornfield Soulful Toz
Body Mind Soul Spirit FB James Redfield Sounds True
Body Possitive Yoga YT Jason Silva Sphere Being Alliance
Brene Brown FB | TW Joanna the Medium Spirilution
Bridget Nielsen YT Joe Dispensa Spirit Rock
Bridget Rau YT Jon Kabat-Zinn Spirit Voyage
Bruce Lipton YT | FB | TW Karena Kilcoyne Spirital Awakening
Buddhism Meditation TW Ken Wilber & The Integral Institute Spiritual Guidance Academy
Burning Man YT | FB | TW Kristin Davies Spirituality & Health
Byron Katie YT | FB | TW Lean In Steven Kotler
Candace van Dell YT Life Affirmations Strumm Spiritual
Carolyn Myss FB |TW Lightning in a Bottle Tara Brach
Center for Action  & Contemplation FB | TW Lori Harder Teal Swan
Christina Martine YT Lovemotives Meditation Music The Art of Living Foundation
Christine Hassler TW Lynn McTaggart The Chopra Center
Christopher Smith YT Mahakatha – Meditation Mantras The Daily Awe
Collective Evolution YT | FB | TW Maharishi University The David Lynch Foundation
Contemplative Outreach TW Marc & Angel Hack Life The Mind Unleashed
Daily Affirmations TW Maria Shriver The Mindfulness Project
DailyOM FB Marianne Williamson The Munroe Institute
Dan Millman FB | TW Matias De Stephano The Shift Network
Dan Siegel YT | FB Meditations The Soul Matrix
Danji English YT Micheila Sheldan The Thrive Movement
Deborah King YT | FB | TW Mind Valley The Unbounded Spirit
Divine Cosmos YT | FB | TW Mindful Magazine Think Metaphysics
Dr. Hyman FB | TW Mindfulness Training Thrive Market
Dr. Shefali YT | FB | TW MindSpace Tim Ferris
Drunvalo Melchizadek YT | FB Mooji Tiny Buddha
Divinine Frequency YT Muse Transidential Meditation
Eckhart Tolle YT | FB | TW Mutual UFO Network Truth Theory
ECLT Foundation FB My Empowered World
Emmerson Collective TW Neal Donald Walsch Victor Odo
Enlightened Consciousness FB Omega Institute Vishuddha Das
Esalen FB OMTimes Wake Up World
Everyday Mindfullness TW On Being Waking Times
Expanded Consciousness FB One Planet Whole Foods Market
Fetzer Foundation FB Paul Selig Wicca Spirituality
Gabriel Kundalini YT Phil Good Willie Study Yourself
Gabrielle Bernstein YT | FB | TW Pick The Brain Wisdom 2.0
Gaia YT | FB | TW Play with the World World 5
Gene Keys YT Portal to Ascension World Mysteries
George Noory TW Power Thoughts Meditation Club Yanik Silver
Global Oneness Project Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Yoga Today
Good News Network Quantum Life University Project Yoga with Adrian
Goop Quantum University Yoga with Tim
Greater Good Science Center Raise Your Vibration Today! Zen Habits
Gregg Braden Ram Dass Zen Life Relax
Gretchen Rubin Random Acts of Kindness Zondervan
Hay House Publishers Reality Sandwich
Headspace Resonance Academy
Heal Documentary

Add a new organization or thought leader to our trackers.


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